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In addition to what Gerald said, it may not be possible for Gustavo to work 
from the bottom up.  This is a fix that Engineering may have to put in.


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Thanks, Gerald. I really think that's important for people who may need the 
credits and don't receive them if their book is sitting in the admin queue. I 
do understand the priority for the bestsellers being put up before older books, 
and that more complicated approvals might be set aside for when G has a little 
more time ro work on them, but otherwise...


Gerald Hovas <GeraldHovas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 


I doubt Engineering has changed the order of the books so that the oldest books 
appear at the top of the list in the Admin Queue, but as someone said earlier 
this month in regards to the Step 1 list, all Gustavo has to do is work from 
the bottom of the list up.  The Tech Advisors have asked him to work the queue 
that way, but I have no clue if heÃââs doing it.  Even if he is, though, 
heÃââll still be giving priority to some books like the bestsellers which 
are being scanned in-house as part of the NYT Bestseller project.  Gustavo also 
sometimes chooses to skip a more involved approval and come back to it when he 
has more time to work it.

WeÃââll follow up on this at the next Tech Advisor meeting because 
itÃââs obvious that thereÃââs one or two which have been in the queue 
forever which have not been approved since we asked Gustavo to work on the 
oldest books first.




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        Hi Gerald, Do you know if your suggestions to Gustavo that a "first-in 
first-out", policy be adopted for the admin Q has ben implemented? Thanks Tom


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