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Hi Tim,
I can't imagine why you'd get that result?  Sounds as though maybe your book
doesn't have real page breaks in it.
So, try replacing ^b with ^m and see if it has section breaks in it instead.
Sorry, that may be what you're referring to having tried, but I can't see
what exactly you're replying to, so am sort of shooting blind here.  If not,
I assume that your book does not have page breaks in it at all and needs to
be rejected.
Also, if you did a find for ^b and there are no section breaks then, as I
suggested yesterday, replace ^m with ^p^m^p and see what happens.
It's possible there is some other Word quirk that I don't know about, so
please wait to hear from others before rejecting the book, in case there is
a fix for your problem that I don't know about.  I hope there is!


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I had already tried your suggestion and the "find-replace" box came back
with zero corrections. Tim

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