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If you're a user of JAWS, and are patient, it will tell you that you've hit a 
new page as you move up and down. I just chimed in after not reading the whole 
thread. Is that the problem?



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Hi Tim,

If I understand your question correctly,  you've added the page breaks but are 
concerned because instead of seeing the blank space between the end of the text 
on that page and the end of the page, the blank space is gone and the next page 
starts (hopefully that makes sense to someone other than me, smile)? If that is 
indeed your problem, then that is a feature of word that allows you to hide the 
white space.

I don't know how to set this feature via the keyboard, but if sighted, you 
should see a gray bar between the pages (right underneath the page break).  If 
you hover over this bar, your cursor will turn to two arrow pointing up and 
down.  If you double click, the white space will expand and you will see the 
full page.

Hope this helps someone,

On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 2:57 PM, Tim Syfert 
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I had already tried your suggestion and the "find-replace" box came back with 
zero corrections. Tim


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