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As you have noticed my attention has been focused on developing the tool for 
inserting image descriptions into our books. While I have prioritized textbooks 
there is more going on as well.

Today Bookshare uploaded its first books that were image-described using the 
Poet tool we have developed. The image descriptions were all done by volunteer 
Pamela Hoffard! The books are from the Magic Tree House series.

If you want to enjoy one of these books keep in mind that this new technology 
preserves the flow of the published text. In the past we would insert the 
description in the page surrounded by square brackets. With this method the 
description resides in the markup code (XML). It can be turned on or off. Only 
some dtb readers have the ability to read the description so far. Those that 
can expose and/or read our descriptions are:

AnyDaisy Firefox Extension
gh Player
JAWS for Windows
ReadHear Mac
Read:OutLoud 6

The books with these descriptions are:

Magic Tree House #3: Mummies in the Morning (with image descriptions)

Magic Tree House #6: Afternoon on the Amazon (with image descriptions)

Note the new practice in the Bookshare library. When a book has had image 
descriptions added in this way we will append this phrase to the end of the 

(with image descriptions)


scott Rains
Bookshare Volunteer Program

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