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...for answering my newbie questions.  I will continue to review for scannos
and format issues and other things.
My wife is a prodigious reader of Bookshare, (and NLS, and Audible) books, so
I'm happy to have the opportunity to add to the collection.  My biggest problem
so far is that I thought I had a really strange and obscure range of books in
my library, but apparently my tastes aren't so strange after all.  The only
non-already-scanned paper books I've been able to come up with so far are some
of the works of B. Traven (The Death Ship, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,
etc.) and a non-fiction work by Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger (known to science
fiction aficiandos as "Cordwainer Smith").
William Korn

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