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  • Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 14:04:45 -0700

I need help in making a textbook useful.  I took "Good to Great" because I had 
a class that 
used it, so I have a print copy.  I also thought it didn't have that many 
tables and graphs in it, 
but the class was a few years ago and my memory was not quite right.  So, here 
are the 
difficulties I have with this book...

It has some graphs and other diagrams in it. I think I can describe all of them 
well enough to 
get the idea across, but is there any standard way to specify that they are 
descriptions of 

There are footnotes at the bottom of a few pages.  How do I indicate where the 
symbol in the page text and how do I indicate where the footnote text begins at 
the bottom of 
the page?

There are also end notes, that have an indicator in the regular text, then the 
notes are all 
listed at the end of the book.  Same question for how I indicate these as for 
the footnotes.

Throughout the book, some ot the text is highlighted by being in grey boxes.  
These scanned 
in very well for the most part so that isn't the problem.  These aren't 
separate sidebar 
information, they are just parts of the text the author apparently thought are 
important enough 
to highlight.  Is there any standard way to indicate such highlighting?  Or 
should I just ignore 

Finally, I looked back at some of the comments related to book formatting in 
the bookshare 
volunteer discussion archive and it is mentioned that tabs and spaces to format 
tables may 
be removed by the bookshare software.  What is the best way to get tables with 
rows and 
columns and labels for these so that they make sense in a screen reader (I've 
used a screen 
reader in the past, but not recently, these days I just zoom things about 3 
times normal)?

I'd like to work toward doing textbooks since I can see well enough to compare 
the printed 
version to the downloaded file, but maybe I'm not ready for this complex a 
task, yet.  But, if 
anyone can help me, I'll try.


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