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Also those who tend to submit books of less than excellent quality tend, I say tend not do, submit in txt and not html.

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Hi Nancy,

Text files do not retain font attributes, like size, style, bold, itallic, underlining, etc.

Also, many programs do not allow page breaks in text files.

All of these items when included with a submission make the final product turn out better. The BookShare tools work better when they have this type of information as well.

I'm sure the quality of DAISY and BRF books produced from text files is worse than that which comes from an RTF produced DAISY/BRF book.

So, while text files are really easy to read, they don't provide the structural markup to make good BookShare files.

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            Silly me,

But what's the problem with text files?They seem really easy to read to me. What don't I know about them?


Nancy, Natasha

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