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I recommend Notetab Pro, which includes a spell checker and thesaurus.
They might also be available in the standard version, but other features
are not, and for $20, it seems like excellent value.  I think you can
use it in a 30 day trial mode to make sure it works for you.  The spell
checking and thesaurus files, by the way, are a separate, free download
from the web site (both to save distribution size and to allow for
various language choices).


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Thank you very much, Jamal Mazrui, for the info about Note Tab.  I am
becoming very interested in it.  I would use it for everything I
do in notepad, which is a tiny bit of editing, some examination of brl
and HTML writing.  What version does a person need to get to have the
editing features discussed?  I really need any program I use to have a
check, because I'm a lousy speller.  Every time I write something for a
page I have to copy the page I opened in explorer, spell check it and
remember the problems so I can switch to notepad with the html in it and
my mess in there. :-)
I'm really a fan of advanced searching, too.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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