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An addendum -- I now recall that there is a built-in clipboard append
feature,which works as follows.  You choose a menu option or press a hot
key to define the current Notetab window as a "paste board."  Thereafter
(until you disable this mode), every time you copy text to the
clipboard, whether in another Notetab document window or in another
application entirely, that text is appended to the paste board document.
There is a configurationoption that lets you define what character
sequence is used to separate each block of appended text.


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Notetab has most of the desired features mentioned, including an option
to show nonprinting characters, spell checking, and wildcard searches
(via regular expressions).  Rich Text Format is not supported (the
program only handles plain text, not binary level formatting).  Append
to clipboard is not currently a menu option(I agree it should be), but
the feature is possible to implement via a Notetab "clip" (like a
macro).  Likewise, the ability to mark the beginning and end of a block
for selection (rather than the standard way of holding down Shift while
using the arrow keys) is possible via clips.  I'm currently developing a
set of Notetab clips and JAWS scripts that work together, so I welcome
any other suggestions people may have.


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I'm glad some people are ambitious.  I thought about trying that during
breaf intense interest and class in VB, but never got arround to making
program.  I know that the first problem I thought needed to be overcome
the limit on the size of normal textboxes.  We don't need another
Windows 9x
style notepad only with extra features. :-)
I don't know how to make page breaks visible in an editor, which is the
biggest problem for bookshare text files right now.  Do you know how to
solve that problem?
If you really do get somewhere in writing this program, please try to
include the following features.
Tabs, spaces, new line characters, and page breaks must all be visible
to a
screen reader.
It should contain a spell check or directions for using a separate spell
checking application that can work within the program.
Search and replace function, preferably with the option of using wild
Append to clipboard as well as the usual clipboard functions.
A feature to mark and manipulate a block of text.
the possibility of saving in TXT and RTF.

If there is already something out there that does these things with any
sized file I would like to test it.  The first item in my list is the
I believe we have the most trouble in finding.  Does note tab show all
characters?  Tabs would be useful in programing, which it is made for,
page breaks aren't that important.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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Hi folks,
    I've been sitting back and enjoying the discussion about page breaks
the lack of easy to use alternatives to such things as notepad and
for text files.

    I've programmed in the past and seeing as computer science is my
I'm looking into how difficult an easy to use simple text editor that
with JAWS would be to develop.

    The main reason I wanted to send this out was so if there was anyone
considering the purchase of a program they might want to wait a few

    I will get back in a day or two when I've figured out a bit of the

Jake Brownell

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