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  • From: Jackie McBride <abletec@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2009 09:07:49 -0700

Looks good, Chella.

On 12/5/09, Chela Robles <cdrobles693@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Testing to see if I'm coming in clear without that weird attachment.
> ----------------
> "If you go without playing the trumpet for one day, no one knows, two days,
> only you know, and more than three days without practicing, girl you better
> look out, because everyone will know!"
> Today, I find myself constantly saying those words, just to get myself
> going, to not give up, and it works. Since I learned to play the trumpet at
> the tender age of 10, I have spent so much passion and much diligence with
> that instrument that I will not give up on it. Sometimes my instrument puts
> me into awkward situations where I feel like they won't ever end, but the
> trumpet gives me a lot of hope with the majestic, crystal-clear sound it
> brings to my ears.
> ----------------
> Chela Robles
> E-Mail: cdrobles693@xxxxxxxxx
> MSNWindowsLive Messenger: cdrobles693@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Skype: jazzytrumpet

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