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Valerie,  I think those are called "small cap".


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Dear Evan; 

I cannot speak directly to the issue that you are sharing, but I can
potentially relate to the overall issue and the dilemma I am currently
debating within my own mind on a book I am currently working on. There is a
particular style, and I do not know what it is called although I have seen
it on my ribbon in Word 2007, whereby the lowercase letters look like
smaller uppercase letters.  It is almost as if they are just a few points
smaller than the true upper case letters.  Some of the engines in using
their translation, correctly interpret them as lower case, and others
represent them as a smaller point uppercase.  

Technically the first is correct, but visually, the second seems more
appropriate in many or most cases.  A book I am working on has this running
throughout the book, and always in the chapter headings which look to be
upper case, but are in fact this lower case and I cannot decide if I should
have the word chapter in all upper or lower case.  I know neither would be
wrong, and yet I find myself unable to choose.

Really sad, isn't it?  LOL


On Jan 22, 2010, at 9:29 AM, EVAN REESE wrote:

Hey Guys,
I'm currently using K1000 version 11.03. (I do plan to upgrade next month.)
Anyway, on my Vista Home Premium machine, I usually use the FineReader
engine, mainly out of habit I suppose. But this morning, I decided to try
the ScanSoft engine because I was scanning a list of books in the
preliminaries of a book I'm scanning and the titles are in all upper-case.
FineReader has this strange bug where it often--but not always--turns text
that's in all caps into lower-case. So I decided to try the ScanSoft engine
to see how it would do. Well, it did fine. All the text that is in all caps
came out as it should have. The problem is that after recognition was done,
my K1000 seemed to be paralyzed for something close to 20 seconds. I
couldn't do a thing with it. This has never happened with FineReader. As
soon as I get the recognition complete signal using that recognition engine,
(a bell in my case), I can move around in the document, access the menus,
whatever. I scanned several more pages with ScanSoft and the recognition was
great, but this temporary paralysis after the recognition complete message
was consistent. I reloaded the program and it's still doing it.

Anyone else here seen this and know what's going on? It seems to be a great
recognition engine, but I can't use it if it's going to do that. Was this
fixed in the new version that's in K1000 version 12, assuming this is not a
problem unique to my system?

Thanks for any feedback.


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