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At least for me, I haven't tried shortening the short synopsis field. If 
that's why the error is generated, why doesn't it give more detail near that 
field, as Peter suggests? I can really feel Patti's frustration, because 
that was the only sentence I was getting, too, but no further information. I 
did try sending it without the ISBN, so I know that's not it. I guess I'll 
try tonight to send it with a shorter short synopsis, and if that doesn't 
work, Patti won't be the only one giving up. *smile* Take care.
Julie Morales
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book." D.L. Moody
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two things I can think of:
1. the isbn number is not actually required. Sometimes it looks okay but
actually is not scanned correctly. The system can tell the difference even
if a reader can't, so you may want to skip the ISBN. As for the short
synopsis, it has to have something in it, but the something must be less
than 200 characters. If there's nothing in the field you get an error, and
if there's too much in the field you get an error.
You want the file name not to have any apostrophes or other punctuation
marks in it except the period right before the three-letter extension, i.e
file.txt or file.rtf . If you've done all this and it still won't work,
maybe you'll have to resort to sending the file to Marissa or Peter.

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