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  • Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 14:09:06 -0400 (EDT)

I agree with what Pratik said.
Furthermore, often it's a choice of me, the volunteer, putting the page breaks into the txt file, or having none at all. For myself, a dedicated BRF file user, page breaks make no difference at all, but Guido says the lack of breaks really screws up the Daisy files. So I try to do the best job I can, and put them in, which turns out to be a gigantic pain. If I could only convert the txt to rtf, it would be so much easier.

I tried Textpad, but I have the same problem with it that I have with Notepad, namely that the lines go on way past where Jaws reads, so to read them I need to keep scrolling right. I guess that kind of scrolling is easy with a mouse, but it's not with Jaws. If anyone knows how to do it without physically moving the cursor, please tell me privately. carcione@xxxxxxxxxx
But perhaps Textpad will serve for putting in these pesky page breaks.

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, Jesse Fahnestock wrote:

Tracy --

The answer as to why txt submissions need to be resubmitted as RTF is, I believe, that 
our system is set up to minimize the introduction of errors or new elements (the latter 
of which is questionable in terms of copyright). While I'm not suggesting you wouldn't 
get the pages right, allowing volunteers to resubmit in RTF would allow the potential for 
incorrect structure and formatting to be added to the book, "by default" as it 
were (or by MSWord). At least I believe that was the thinking.

I understand that it's possible to enter "form feed" page breaks in text files. 
Pratik, was it not you who told me about that? Can you clarify for Tracy?

Finally, I heartily recommend TextPad (www.textpad.com) as a quality free 
editor for text files (and HTML, if you need that).

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When I got the txt file I'm working on, it had page breaks, but as soon as I brought it into Word to work on and saved it, the page breaks disappeared. Is there any way to stop this happening? And DON'T say to edit it in K1K, because it ALWAYS crashes, sooner or later.

I never got an answer as to why, oh why, do I have to put a txt file back as
txt, when, if I only had the option of putting it back as RTF, I could
easily fix the page breaks, and not have to hassle with K1K's problematic
editing, which is the only way I know to get the pesky breaks to stay in
txt.  Why must I suffer?  Is there actually a reason txt must stay txt?  I
want an answer from Admin, not someone else's guesses.

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