[bksvol-discuss] Re: Submitting books HOW???

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HI Amy, 


The info here is correct except that you don't need to become a volunteer to
submit a book. IF you go down through the list of links on the main
Bookshare page you will see a link to submit a book. 

When you are ready you can become a volunteer which will let you access some
of the additional volunteer areas and help with validating books that other
members submit 


Katie Hill 

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hi Amy
I'l help you out her. FIrst you need to sign up as a volunteer you can do
that by going to 


then you click a link that says submit a book. 
a form will come up with the information to type in about the book. This is
the same information that is found when seaching for a bbook. 

Copyyright name
format (which is a scroll bar)
short summary
long summary

myy advice is to keep this list and extract all the necesary data beform
getting to the formapage so it doesn't time out. I hope this helps. Any
other questions please write back.
Take care and good luck



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