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  • From: "John Glass" <John.G@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:53:06 -0700

Dear Bookshare.org Volunteers:

 The Bookshare.org staff, with the support of OUR VOLUNTEER technical advisers, 
has decided to make some changes to the range of book formats that the system 
will accept.  We realize that these changes may impact the ways in which some 
of you work on books, but given the feedback we've had from members, schools 
and other organizations, we feel that these changes will bring significant 
benefits to all in the Bookshare.org community.  

Starting on Friday, September 29, books may be placed into the system for 
validation and submission in the following formats:

-- RTF
-- Microsoft Word
-- KES (Kurzweil)
-- Ark (Open Book)
--  WynWizard (Wyn)

These file formats permit the back-end processing tools to obtain and retain as 
much structure as possible, including items like page numbers. ASCII (plain 
text) files require some arduous work-arounds both on the part of volunteers 
and on the back-end of the processing system.    HTML and DAISY offer markup, 
but because they can be created in so many different ways, users are served 
best when we generate these files for Bookshare.org customers using internal 

Books already in the various queues will be processed as normal.  Again, this 
change will be effective as of Friday, September 29, 2006.

As most of you know, Rich text Format (RTF) is the preferred file format for 
book submission to Bookshare.org.  RTF  enables us to produce the most 
consistent content output.  This file format may be generated by using the 
"save as" feature in most word processors, and it is a file format that is 
available on all computer platforms.

We regret any inconvenience these policy changes may cause you.  The 
Bookshare.org team and many on the Bookshare.org lists are ready to assist you 
in finding the best ways to support consistent file editing.  We do recognize 
that many of you prefer not to edit on your computers, but we believe most 
note-takers offer you the ability to edit in one of the file formats listed 

Our goal is to provide a more consistent, quality reading experience for you 
and for the other members (almost 5,000) of the Bookshare.org community. 

We appreciate your continued commitment to Bookshare.org.


John Glass
Customer Support Manager, Bookshare
480 S. California Ave., Suite 201
Palo Alto, CA 94306-1609 USA
(650) 475-5440 x103
(650) 475-1066 fax

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