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Hi All,

I've just submitted for proofing "Midnight On The Mavi Marmara: The Attack
on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and How It Changed the Course of the
Israel/Palestine Conflict" edited by Moustafa Bayoumi.

Read w/headers stripped, page numbers/chapter titles present,
text/headings/footnotes formatted. 302 pages. 

At 4:30 AM on Monday, May 31, 2010, Israeli commandos, boarding from sea and
air, attacked the six boats of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla as it sailed
through international waters attempting to bring humanitarian relief to the
beleaguered Palestinians of Gaza. 
Within minutes, nine peace activists were dead, shot by the Israelis. Scores
of others were injured.

Within hours, outrage at Israel's action echoed around the world.
Spontaneous demonstrations occurred in Europe, the United States, Turkey,
and Gaza itself to denounce the attack. Turkey's prime minister described it
as a "bloody massacre" and "state terrorism."

In these pages, a range of activists, journalists, and analysts piece
together the events that occurred that May night. Mixing together first-hand
testimony and documentary record with hard-headed analysis and historical
overview, Midnight on the Mavi Marmara reveals why the attack on the Gaza
Freedom Flotilla may just turn out to be Israel's Selma, Alabama moment: the
beginning of the end for an apartheid Palestine.


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