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I have just recently submitted Diana The Huntress by Marion Chesney, number 
5 in the Six Sisters Series.  It has been proof read and all page numbers 
were moved to the tops of pages.  Here's the synopsis:

Diana, a gauche tomboy,  is resentful when Squire Radford interferes with 
her plan to go fox hunting with her father.  She goes, despite the vicar's 
stern command to stay home.  The squire recognizes her, and when she sees 
that her father is really angry, she runs off from the hunt.  She quickly 
realizes that she is quite lost, and it is sleeting heavily, and her horse 
must have shelter.  She shelters in the home of Lord Mark Dantrey, whom all 
the county mamas are determined she shall not snatch.  She is disguised as a 
boy, so she thinks she is safe.  The next day, when the vicar sees her, he 
informs her that her hunting days are over, that she will go to Lady 
Godolphin for a season in London.  She determines to do something quite 
different from what he has in mind; she will live as a man in London for one 
week of freedom.  At the beginning of her journey, she meets Jack Emberton, 
a card sharp who is not above making money by other means.  He decides she 
is fair game.  A Gypsy has told her that a tall, dark man will enter her 
life, so she thinks Jack fits the bill perfectly.  She arrives in London, 
masquerades as a boy, but is "pressganged" the first morning she ventures 
out on her own, is rescued by Lord Dantrey, and goes to Lady Godolphin and 
confesses all.  The vicar arrives on the scene, after having received an 
anonymous letter, which frightens them, since Lady Godolphin and Diana 
thought the scandal was thoroughly squashed, and that she was likely to 
receive a marriage proposal before the season even began.  Her season is 
abruptly curtailed, and she finds herself back in Hopeworth, where her 
doings in London must be kept very quiet. Diana does finally accept the fact 
that she is a woman, and doesn't mind it at all!

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