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chuckle.Then  I hope they don't have a copy and see the name in the From area 

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>In memory of the recent death of Vaclav Havel, I have submitted, "Disturbing 
>the Peace" which as the synopsis says is:
>A book length interview with Vaclav Havel giving an intimate history of 
>Czechoslovakia under communism; a meditation on the social and political role 
>of art, and a triumphant statement of the values underlying all the recent 
>revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe.
>The conversation in this book ends in 1988 just before the Velvet Revolution.  
>In fact, part of the translators introduction describes the interviewer's wild 
>last few days trying to get in the final edits as Havel became more and more 
>involved in the astonishing events of 1989.  If you want to find out what 
>happened after the Velvet Revolution, read "To the Castle and Back" which is 
>already on bookshare.
>Mike Sestak
>(just couldn't use the Russian nickname on this message, my Czech relatives 
>would be appalled)
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