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Submitted: Patricia Wallace 2004
The Internet in the Workplace: How New Technology is Transforming Work

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"[P]rovides fascinating insights into how we view our role in society and our 
work. This book is worth a read." 
An expansive overview of online behavior--from deception and aggression to 
altruism and romance--as well as of the elements that make the Internet 
'addictive.' This is a well-organized and accessible primer on the impact of 
the Internet on social and workplace dynamics." 
Good introduction to the myriad new issues and reconfigured challenges arising 
from this new technology with respect to telecommuting, e-commerce, electronic 
communications, personal boundaries, career paths, leadership paradigms, 
customer relationships, employee rights, security of information and knowledge, 
continuing education, and preparation for more coming changes

Jim Nuttall--Michigan

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