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I just submitted "The Ghost and the Dead Deb" Haunted Bookshop #2 by Alice 
Kimberly. I read it through, rank spelled it, stripped headers, protected 
chapter titles, etc. Should be a clean validation.



"He is hard boiled in the tradition of

Philip Marlowe, and she is a genteel Miss

Marple; yet the two opposites make an

explosive combination."


Don't haunt the customers...


This was the only rule bookshop owner and widow Penelope Thornton-McClure had 
given herresident ghost, hard-boiled PI Jack Shepard. But when the hot young 
author Angel Stark arrives at the store to promote her latest, a true crime 

Jack can hardly contain himself. After all, this is his specialty!


Angel's book is an unsolved mystery about a debutante found strangled to death. 
And it's filled with juicy details that point a finger at a number of people in 
the deb's high society circle. But when the author -winds up dead too-in 
precisely the same way-Pen is fast on the case.. .which means Jack is too. 
After all, a ghost detective never rests

in peace.

Natasha and Guide Dog Fossey

"I want to be successful like everyone does, but through my idea of success. I 
don't just mean that I will make a lot of money and be known for what I do, but 
that I make a difference in someone's life."
-- Megan Piontek 1985-2008
{{Miss you forever}}

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