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I've just submitted 'State of the Onion' by Julie Hyzy. It's a fabulous 
adventure thriller! I've read it through, rank spelled it, stripped headers, 
protected page numbers  and chapter headings, and really enjoyed myself reading 
it! It's a very easy validation and a great book! 

Never let them see you sweat - That's White House Assistant Chef Ollie Paras's 
motto, which is pretty hard to honor in the most important kitchen in the 
world. She's hell-bent on earning her dream job - executive chef. There's just 
one thing her nemesis is trying for it, too. Well, that and the fact that an 
elusive assassin wants to see her fry.


The highly trained Secret Service agents couldn't do it. The snipers swarming 
the White House grounds were no help. Only Ollie Paras was able to stop the 
intruder - hitting him with a frying pan. She'd like to wash her hands of the 
whole thing, but after she witnesses a murder, there's no going back.


Ollie's Secret Service boyfriend warns her that the killer is a world-class 
assassin. And Ollie's the only person alive who can recognize him. Still, guilt 
propels her to investigate, even if it means putting herself - and her 
relationship - in hot water. 

Natasha and Guide Dog Fossey

"I want to be successful like everyone does, but through my idea of success. I 
don't just mean that I will make a lot of money and be known for what I do, but 
that I make a difference in someone's life."
-- Megan Piontek 1985-2008
{{Miss you forever}}

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