[bksvol-discuss] Re: Submitted Rescan of Classic Science Fiction Novel, Dune

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Dune is perhaps the best Science Fiction ever written!  Obviously I missed out 
on proofing it (I'd have made an exception), but now I'm going to have to read 
it again!  It's probably been 30 years since I read the trilogy.


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      Hello Folks,

  I just submitted a BSO of Dune to the Check Out page.

  Here are the comments I put in the submission form:

  Book has been read through entirely, completely spell checked, all page 
numbers and
  page breaks accounted for, all fonts adjusted.
  The version currently on Bookshare has several problems, including split 
paragraphs, missing hard returns, missing table
  of contents, and miscellaneous textual errors, including the word "Mentat" 
  as "Mental" in two places.

  I put my email address in as well.

  I hope someone enjoys reading, or rereading as the case may be, this classic 


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