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Submitted: Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and 
Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World. 
Copyright © 2002 by Douglas Mulhall

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When Mulhall sees the future, he pictures every home having a virtually 
cost-free desktop fabricator, not unlike an ink jet printer, that is able to 
create any three-dimensional object desired; he envisions being able to change 
the color of a car, or clothes, simply by speaking. Mulhall, who heads an 
environmental software consultancy, believes that nanotechnology, the ability 
to rearrange individual atoms, will lead to technological advances that will 
change every aspect of our world, including our own species. Mulhall' s 
exuberance, however, does not fully compensate for his repetitiveness and lack 
of specificity when he postulates that nanotechnology will lead to such leaps 
forward in computing power that we will soon create robots capable of 
independent thought, emotional response and reproduction. 

-Jim Nuttall--Michigan

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