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  • Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 09:55:55 -0800

Hello Everyone!

I have just submitted "Lethal Intent" by Sue Russell. Jamie kindly posted the back cover to the list earlier which serves as the long synopsis, so I won't include it here. The book has been spell checked. All of the available information about copyright holder and author are present in the scan. All pages of text are present. There are sixteen pages of pictures in the center of the book which I kept as they have captions on them. These pages are not numbered in the book and will make the book look as though it has sixteen pages more than it ought to have. They do belong. I cleaned up all of the junk characters except for a few in the last seventy or so pages. I did, however, read the entire book, and those stray characters left do not make the book unreadable at all. Sorry I wasn't as diligent as usual, but I was sitting across the room from the computer keyboard and got tired of getting up to delete stray characters. I got too into the story and didn't feel like stopping reading. The book is over 500 pages, so you can see why I was getting ready to be done. It was a good story.

I hope someone enjoys it. No headers left. I honestly can't remember whether they existed at all to begin with, but regardless, they aren't there now, even if they once were.

Okay, enough rambling. Have a great day! And thank you, Jamie, for your help!


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