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That all sounds good except for three things:

Firstly, I wonder if the rescanners--in this case outsourcers?--would have 
noticed the equations I mentioned in my post, and what would they have done 
with them? And would the poetry have been formatted correctly or not?

Secondly, I wanted to read the book anyway, and I would have had no idea as to 
when Bookshare would have gotten to it.

Thirdly, I know what quality I can produce by doing my own scanning and then 
reading the book in its entirety, checking anything questionable with my 
Optacon--which means that I don't have to guess what a scannoe is supposed to 
be. So I can be certain that the book was really read through and completely 
corrected--except for misprints such as the inconsistent spelling of names that 
I mentioned, which I had to leave in of course.

In several cases that I have noticed, it was evident that the outsourcers did 
not read through their scans. So, unless they've changed their modus operandi,  
or unless  Bookshare made sure to give the book to someone who would actually 
read through it, I am highly confident that my BSO is at least as good, 
probably better, than theirs would have been.


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  I am catching up on my email after having been out last night and a little 
while before I got to this one I came across one notifying me of the result of 
a quality report I made some time ago. There were some really minor errors in 
the book, but they were still errors and presumably Bookshare wants the most 
perfect copy possible, so I made a quality report about them. Well, I have just 
been informed that the entire book has been rescanned and replaced. This makes 
me think that it is not worth bothering to scan a BSO anymore. That is one of 
the points I made at an earlier time when I was asking if perhaps volunteers 
are gradually becoming obsolete.

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  Hello Folks, 

  I've submitted a BSO of The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons. This replaces a 
copy rated only Good. It's not the worst book I've seen, but it needs redone.
  I've read through every word and done a complete spell check. All page breaks 
are present as well as all page numbers. All chapter headings have been bolded
  and enlarged. If it gets Jiffy proofed, hopefully no major errors will show 
up to plague future readers. This is the sequel to Endymion, so if you haven't
  read that one, you may want to before starting this one. It's not a 
necessity, but it might be helpful. 

  Below I've copied the comments I placed in the Comments section of the 
submission form. 

  email address:
  Please uncheck the Adult rating. This book does not deserve that.
  I have rewritten the equations on pages 564 and 565 for clarity and because 
some of the symbols will not translate correctly in braille if left as they
  are. They needed to be rewritten as well because they did not scan as they 
were printed.  Also, speech readers will be able to hear them more easily.
  Some of the lines of poetry on page 134 have some odd symbols at their ends, 
such as backslashes and forward slashes. I left those in, but I have no idea
  why they are there.
  Some names are spelled inconsistently. 

  The last four books I've submitted have all been chunksters: 630 pages, 758 
pages, 713 pages, and now this one at 709 pages. That comes out to over a 
  words. This is the last one I'll be doing for a while.  My next submission 
will actually be under 200 pages. Feels like almost nothing in comparison. 

  Happy reading. 


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