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Just submitted:
Action At Third
R. G. Emery
This book will give a rare satisfaction to the boy who knows baseball; and even 
the casually interested will be stimulated to a new appreciation of America's 
number-one sport. For Action At Third is more than merely sports fiction--it is 
an expertly focused portrayal of defensive baseball, illustrated by a 
power-hitting team that learns, before it is too late, that good hitting will 
not always guarantee a win.

Johnny Hyland, third baseman for the Dallas Hawks, plays common sense baseball; 
and he also has some unique ideas about how the Hawks can achieve the proper 
offensive-defensive balance. When manager Mitch Corey suffers from occupational 
ulcers, Johnny becomes the player-manager and gets his chance to make third 
base an outpost of strategy. His radical shake-up of the infield seems to defy 
accepted practice, and his bold defensive techniques are often bewildering--but 
they work with amazing success.

The reader will admire Johnny's originality and applaud his courage, for this 
is baseball at its best. By the author of HYLAND OF THE HAWKS, etc.

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