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Be very careful with K1000.  It's developing a n-dash problem, especially with 
correction of end-of-line hyphens turned on.  I've found several problems with 
my current book.  In one instance, I corrected two words which should have had 
dashes and didn't.  When I used Rank Spelling initially, they came up before 
the fix.  After the fix, I used the ctrl-K function.  It found both words and 
when I told it to ignore them, it removed my dashes.  Also with ctrl-K, the 
word wellknown (sic) showed up in my document.  The dictionary didn't find this 
word.  It didn't show up in rank spelling either.  After I added the dash, it 
did show as spelled correctly when looked up.  Ctrl-K did, once again, remove 
the dash when I used it.
I don't know if this is new to v.10 or I just never discovered it before, since 
I'm used to do everything by hand.
Try to speed things up.  Find something new to deal with.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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  Hi everyone,
      Just submitted two from my backlog in August. I took the opportunity to 
run them through a Rank spelling since I have Kurzweil now. These were fully 
edited before school started but I'm just now getting around to submitting them.

  Line of Fire HB Casefiles #16
  Nightmare in Angel City HB Casefiles #19

  I will be submitting three books that I've scanned proofread and rank spelled 
since I got home Friday sometime hopefully tomorrow. They will be

  The Ghost at Skeleton Rock HB Mystery Stories #37
  The Mystery at Devil's Paw HB Mystery Stories #38 (original 1959 edition, not 
the revised)
  The Haunted Fort HB Mystery Stories #44.

  Happy validating!

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