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  • Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 05:06:07 -0500

Hi all,
    I've been a bit busier submitting books tonight than normal. Spell 
check/rank spelling could possibly improve quality.

Extreme Danger (Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #1)
This is the first in the new Hardy Boys series set to replace the mystery 
stories. I had to handtype the Suspect Profiles for the most part. I think I 
got them all, let me know if there is a spot with excessive junk characters, 
probably indicating I missed one - again I'm 95% sure its fine.
I scanned the ads for this book as they weren't order forms which are typical 
of Hardy Boys books. I have #2 through 4 to scan as well. (sweepstakes info 
This series is modeled after the success of the Nancy Drew Girl Detective 
series. For the first time Frank and Joe narrate from a first person 
perspective, alternating chapters. Perhaps the modern language of teens will 
seem overemphasized to older readers, but I think for the most part a good job 
was done on these. (I've read the first two).

The Borgia Dagger (Hardy Boys Casefiles #13)

Some sections of writing close to spine. Sometimes misrecognized lowercase 
letters for capitals, attempted to carefully check these pages. Again spell 
check should help find any straggling errors.

Beware, the Snowman  (Goosebumps #51) by R. L. Stine
I added the note [CHAPTER] to help indicate chapter divisions. There are so 
many short chapters!

Finally, I see that Danger Unlimited HB Casefiles #79 is back on the Step 1 
page. I suggest leaving it for a day or two in case the previous validator 
still wants it, but whatever yall do is fine. *grin*

Happy validating!

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