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The For Authors and Publishers link of Bookshare's website should explain
how to go about donating a book to Bookshare.  Essentially, there is a form
to fill out by the author or publisher giving Bookshare permission to use a
file provided by an author or publisher rather than a scan of a book, and
the file should be sent directly to Bookshare for them to process and add to
the collection.


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A friend who is a non-bookshare member has written and published a book. He
said that he wants to donate a copy of it to Bookshare. He said that he
could give me a copy of it on a CD in .rtf format. From the CD, can I submit
the file or is there another process whereby writers and publishers submit
books? I said that I would let him know how to submit his book. Also, he
said that there are a lot of pictures. Can someone add descriptions the
pictures in his text? What is the process?


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