[bksvol-discuss] Submission Fears, was OT: to Karrie

  • From: "Allison" <alwaysallie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 19:59:28 -0500

Mary and others on here have brought up some very important points. These are precisely the concerns I've had myself for a while, and I now know that they may not be mine alone.

I think that we, as volunteers, have to urge Bookshare (and one another) to remember that not
every individual comes to us with the same amount of experience or skill.
We want quality of course, but quality is a very relative term.

I think that having a clear understanding of Bookshare's purpose would
simplify this matter a great deal.  What I remember as being the original
guideline was something to the effect of, If you can read it, chances are
someone else will be able to.  This was something that seemed very fair and
reasonable to me.  somewhere along the way, I think we may have lost site
of that somewhat.

So, which is Bookshare? A site where we share our personal scans with one
another in order to make a greater variety of books more accessible, or is
it a repository for accessible texts- one meant to impress the publishers
into donating; to fit a mold of accurate scanning; and to satisfy the wishes of a handfull of top validators? Either purpose is a very good one,
but I would like for us all to come to a clear understanding of which it is.

No matter how much we say that scanning and submitting is easy, the reality
is that, the more stipulations we put out there, the more books we risk
losing. We can list all the reasons in the world why that shouldn't be so, but
the fact still remains. We can do educating on the lists, through the newsletters, and through our own personal contacts, but we do still limit our collection even as we claim to be enhancing it.

This is, of course, my own opinion. I do love Bookshare, and I wouldn't say the above if I didn't believe it.

Allison Hilliker

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