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Hi all,

I've just submitted for validation:

What Orwell Didn't Know: Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics
edited by Andras Szanto

It's been read through, with headers stripped and ppage numbers and chapter 
titles protected. K1000 ranked spelling 99.99%.

From back of book:
Manipulation. Bias. Spin. Dishonesty. Half a century after George Orwell's 
death and six decades after his classic essay, "Politics and the English 
Language"-in which he tied the corrosion of language to the corruption of 
politics-American public life is riddled with the symptoms of obfuscation 
and doublespeak Orwell so vividly diagnosed. A Big Brother- style dystopia 
has not come to pass, but tools are available to spinmeisters and 
image-makers that allow them to detach politics from reality on a daily 
basis. Twenty prominent voices consider the outlooks for reality-based 
politics in this anthology. From the use of deceptively murky jargon, to the 
emotional pull of phrases like the "War on Terror," to the rise of 
infotainment and pseudo-science, to the disinclination of big media to 
provide real news, these writers address unsettling developments in today's 
public discourse. Reflecting on Orwell, they shed new light on the power of 
politicians and the media to deceive and to repair, to fracture and to unite 
American democracy.


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