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Hi all,

Just submitted "Black is the Colour of My True Love's Heart,"
another Inspector Felse mystery by Ellis Peters.

From the back cover:
Various singers and musicians are gathered
for a folk music course that will occupy a
weekend in the fantastic country mansion
called Follymead. Most come only to sing
or to listen, but one or two have nonmusical scores to settle. When 
talented Liri Palmer sings:
'Black, black, black is the colour of my
true-love's heart!
His tongue is like a poisoned dart,
The coldest eyes and the lewdest hands...'

she clearly has a message for one of the
audience. Passions run high; there is
murder brewing at Follymead.
Among the music students are Tossa
Barber and her boyfriend Dominic Felse.
When disaster strikes, Dominic can
privately enlist the aid of his father,
Detective Inspector George Felse, to
unravel the tangle Of events.


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