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Tedious as stripping headers is, for me, losing track of page numbers is even worse. I tried the Omnipage setting to remove headers and didn't like it. But, that doesn't mean everyone should do things the way I do. One of the great things about this list is reading about all the different things other volunteers do, trying them out, finding what works for me (you) and thus, getting better and better at producing accessible books.


I should add to this a bit:
For books I scan that I plan to read through, I don't want to be reading along and find that at some point in the midst of the story that I missed two pages. So I want to make certain that no pages are missing before I start.

Also, I scan a lot of books for Lissi that I don't necessarily want to read myself. I very much want to make sure that I haven't missed any pages in those. So keeping the page numbers is important to me to ensure that the book has all of its pages, whether I'm reading it, or I've scanned it for someone else to read. If I could find some way of not scanning the headers without removing the page numbers when they are at the top of the page, that would be perfect. Evan
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    Hi Jamie,
I have created margins to eliminate headers before. But I do it
    only when the page number is at the bottom of the page. The reason
    is that if I miss a page--or two pages if I'm scanning in two-page
    mode--How would I find the missing pages? It may perhaps be very
    easy with sight to flip through the book and compare with the text
    on the screen and quickly find what's missing. But for someone
    without sight, even someone such as myself who has an Optacon, I
    think that would be a painful and time-consuming process in a book
    with a few hundred pages. I suppose I could stop every ten or
    twenty pages or so and make sure I haven't missed any. But that
    would defeat the convenience of being able to scan many pages
    without touching the keyboard, as I can do with K1000. So, if the
    page numbers are at the tops of pages, I prefer to not marginalize
    the headers out of the scan and eliminate them with a few
    judicious search and replace operations, if I can, or take them
    out manually, if I must..
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        I prefer not to OCR the headers to begin with. Omnipage will
        skip headers if you tell it to, or if you're sighted, you can
        just not select the text with the header to be OCR'd to begin
        with. That's what I do. Then I have to put in the page numbers
        by hand of course, but I find it is good for checking to make
        sure I've scanned all of the pages.

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