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Hi Mayrie,

This is just one of those things that goes to show that there is often more 
than one way of doing something. I always remove any extra spaces throughout 
the book before trying to strip headers because, in those cases where there are 
spaces associated with the headers instead of tabs, I have found that the 
amount of white space between headers and page numbers--if present--can vary 
quite a bit; which makes using a search and replace to remove headers work only 
partially. Then, you gotta do it again for the next set of headers that have a 
different amount of space, etc. Since this method works for you, I imagine you 
have some way of dealing with it? Hopefully, nothing that's sitting right under 
my nose, so to speak, such as a menu setting I've never paid attention to or 
something like that? <smile>


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  Hi Evan and Jamie,

  When I use the find and replace, I select the entire line containing the 
header, including white space, except the page number if that line contains 
page numbers, and put that into the find box of the find and replace dialogue.  
There is almost always white space either in or around the header that prevents 
regular text as part of the story in the book from being removed, because that 
white space won't be in the book anywhere except in the headers.

  And case sensitivity enabling makes a HUGE difference.  

  You can select an entire line by placing your cursor where you want it either 
be fore or after the page number, depending whether the page number is on the 
left or right end of the line and either pressing shift plus home to select to 
the beginning of the line, or shift plus end to select to the end of the line.  


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  Thanks, Jamie. I have suggested this before. Oftentimes, there is a tab after 
the header and before the page number on the right page, and a tab before the 
header and after the page number on the left page. I have used this technique 
of removing headers with their associated tabs to eliminate thousands of 
headers without fear of removing text that I shouldn't.

  It is also true, as you say, that search and replace should always be used 
with care.


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    Lots of times there is a tab after the header. If you search for the text 
plus a tab you might have better luck in doing a global replace, but I 
recommend using a global replace very carefully.

    For example if it is The Catcher in the Rye that is the header look for The 
Catcher in the Rye^t (^t is the tab symbol in Word 2003).

    Jamie in Michigan

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