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    When I have a book with numbers at the bottom of pages, I only move
numbers to the top where there are titles I want to protect. I don't move
the numbers on every page.


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> Yes, I might have been a little hard on the stripper last night. No
> question if they're going to have one, we need a new and improved
> model, but as you pointed out there could be other issues in the
> conversion process causing the problem. Interesting that you felt the
> problem with your books was due to the daisy conversion. With mine,
> the opposite was the case. The Daisy books were pretty much intact,
> whereas the braille books were significantly altered.
> If page numbers are at the bottom, it would take a lot of work to
> bring them to the top. Would another solution be to leave a blank line
> or two at the top of pages with chapter headings? Then put chapter on
> one line, and the number on the next? At least then if the words
> chapter are stripped, you still have the numbers of the chapters. I
> should mention though that this wouldn't be the case with the braille
> books necessarily. I've found that the only way to be sure that the
> braille chapter numbers are left alone is to spell the Chapter numbers
> out.
> Pam

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