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The problem is that anyone who wants to use BookShare for most scholarly
activity is frustrated by the lack of page numbers.
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> One of the big problems, and there is no practical way around it, is books
> are prepared and validated in so many different ways guaranteeing that
> consistency just cannot happen.
> While page numbers, page breaks, and all the rest certainly are desirable
> and should been striven for,
> realistically, if we can get chapter numbers included, we may be achieving
> about all that one can hope for.
> Certainly, the stripper can get part of the blame for the problem,
> certainly book preparation contributes to it, and validators can do only
> so much.
> Hence, the new policy related to page breaks is about all one could have
> hoped for given the nature of the animal we're dealing with.
> I had just submitted a book, Dakota Born by Debbie Macomber, replete with
> page numbers on every page and Chapter numbers protected.
> Fortunately, the Chapter titles were preserved; page numbers are all but
> extinct.
> With this kind of book it doesn't matter, but if the stripper caused this
> problem, even in part, it did a disservice to the membership.
> I suggest again, one is better off with too much rather than not enough
> header and footer junk.
> As long as automated processes are employed by the system and validators
> and submitters to destroy unwanted info, it is inevitable that damage will
> be done.
> And, on the other hand, I don't think painstaking hand edited necessarily
> makes sense either, other than on special books, as that time could be
> better employed elsewhere.
> So, I think we have to learn to live with what the situation is and be
> thankful that the problem even exists as at least we have books we
> otherwise wouldn't have.

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