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Hi, Jamie, thanks for your advice. do I place the QQQ in the proofread
document or what? What I've done in the past is select the problem area of
text, copy it to the clipboard and paste it in an email which of course has
the relevant page number. Regards, Kim.


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Hi Kim, it's a library book so I can keep it for a few weeks. What you do is
when you come to a place that needs help, either find the page number and
tell me on page 12 it says "the boy had a glue balloon" and I will say oh,
the print book says it is a BLUE balloon, not a glue ballon.
Or you can copy the sentence or paragraph that needs help and tell me the
page and I can see what I can figure out.
Or you can say page 12 needs a complete rescan, and then I will scan that
page and send it to you in email.
What I suggest doing for the lag time between when you ask me and I respond
is put something like qqq in the spot where you need help. or qqq1 qqq2 qqq3
so that way you can easily find those spots back. Then I can say spot qqq1
is the word blue and you can insert that.

Jamie in Michigan

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