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The list probably didn't drop below 300 until last night.  I noticed it
dropping in the last few weeks, but thought it would bottom out before it
hit 350.  About a week ago I saw we had a chance to drop below 300, so I've
been checking it every day or so when I look for new books to see if it did.


It's not difficult to check with JAWS.  Go to the bottom row of the Step 1
list and press Ctrl-Alt-5, and JAWS will tell you in which row and column of
that table that you're in.  Just remember to subtract 1 from what it tells
you because the top row contain column headings, not a book.


BTW, we're back above 300 now.  The list contained 302 books a moment ago
when I checked to make sure which key is pressed in JAWS to announce the row
and column numbers in a table.


As for the Approval Queue, there's no way to know until Gustavo updates the
list, and you have to count those by hand since they aren't in a table.






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Gerald, Thanks for that encouraging news.  How long has i been that low, or
do you know?  And do you have a way of knowing how many books are in the
admin queue??  And nope, I'm not trying to make  waves, jst wondering.




Sue S.


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I don't know if anyone's noticed, but the Step 1 list happens to only have
297 books on it at the moment.  It's the first time I've seen it that low.


Sometime early last year it was up around 600.  It shrank down to around
375, then it went back up into the low 500's.  Now it's back down under 300.


All of you who have been focusing on validations instead of submissions have
really made a difference.


Of course, Carrie's focusing on bestsellers sure hasn't hurt. <Smile>





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