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  • Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:26:31 -0400

A while ago, Jake posted a list of books which had been languishing on Step 1 for over year. I was pleased to see that we have made some improvements.

Here's the list and the changes made. I don't know what happened to all the books, but I'll do my best.

title author
The Mystery of Capital Hernando de Soto (added to the collection)
Early Greek Thinking. Martin Heidegger (NO LONGER ON STEP 1)
Digital Fortress Dan Brown (admin queue)
Essentials of Corporate Finance Ross Westerfield and Jordan
"Hands Heal: Communication, Documentation, and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists, Second Edition." "Thompson, Diana L. LMP (Licensed Massage Therapist,
Seattle, WA" (not on step 1..not sure where it is)
Range Management; Principles & Practices "Holechek, Pieper, and Herbel"
Changing Japanese Attitudes Toward Modernization Marius B. Jansen (editor) (being validated)
Speed Tribes: Days and Nights with Japan's Next Generation Karl Taro Greenfeld (being validated)
Reflexive Methodology: New Vistas for Qualitative Research Mats Alvesson and Kaj Skoldberg
Our Arcadia Robin Lippincott (rejected)
Physical Education & Sport in a Changing World William Freeman
Business Hits on the Web 2003-2004 with Excercises Jerry Furniss
The Triumph of Elohim (Diana Vikander Edelmaeditor)n
All That is Solid Melts into Air: the Experience of Modernity Marshall Berman
Forms of Talk Erving Goffman
Applescript in a Nutshell Bruce W. Perry
Cafe Nostalgia Valdés Zoé
Gabriel's Discovery Felicia Mason
Language of the Heart Bill W (no longer on step 1)
Rome's Revenge Sara Craven
Brilliance of the Moon Lian Hearn
Flower Girls "Janet Dailet, Et Al."
Speaking Culturally: Explorations in Social Comm. Gerry Philipsen (no longer on step 1)
Utilization-Focused Evaluation: The New Century Text (third edition) Michael Quinn Patton
Untilization Focused Evaluation Micheal Quinn Patton
"Critical Issues in Special Education: Access, Diversity, and Accountability" "AUDREY McCRAY SORRELLS, HERBERT J. RIETH, PAUL T. SINDELAR" (ADDED TO COLLECTION!))
Remember Names Dale Carnegie (rejected)

There are likely more, since people are always releasing books.

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