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Thanks.  I hadn't read that chapter because I was trying to learn a lot of 
other stuff.  And it didn't occur to me that it would be K1000 sending that 
message because it wasn't running.  That explains why it only started last week 
while Tiffany said hers had been doing that since last October.


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  From personal experience, this sounds as if it is Kurzweil 1000's 
notification that a mobile device has been connected; the fact is relevant to 
K1000, as it has a Send to Device feature which allows one to transfer files 
directly to portable devices, such as the PACMate. From Page 280 of the K1000 
manual (although it's discussing the BrailleNote):

  "It communicates with your computer via Microsoft's ActiveSync which is 
included on a CD-ROM with your BrailleNote. In order to download from Kurzweil 
1000 you must initiate a connection between your computer and the BrailleNote. 
This should work as you've come to expect, but with an addition. Normally, when 
initiating this connection you hear the BrailleNote indicate that the 
connection has been established via an audible tone. Next you hear Windows 
indicate that the connection has been established via an audible signal. Now 
that Kurzweil 1000 is set up to communicate with BrailleNote, you should hear a 
third audible signal. Note that you'll hear Kurzweil 1000's notification 
whether or not you are running Kurzweil 1000."

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  Anyone with a Pac Mate notice a change lately when you connect it to a PC?  
In the last couple of days, when I connect the Pac Mate to my PC, in addition 
to the usual series of tones, it now says 'mobile device connected'.  It sounds 
like a recording of a human voice.  The spooky part is that both the Pac Mate 
and my PC say it, but the Pac Mate just slightly behind the PC, so you get this 
spooky echo effect.  When I pull the USB cable out, it says 'mobile device 
disconnected', with the same delay.  It does sound a little spooky.  This just 
started in the last couple days.  It must have been in the last batch of 
Microsoft updates I downloaded.


  Not a complaint, just an observation.


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