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  • Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 11:35:36 -0400

mine has always said/done that ever since I got it in October. 
I thought it was just part of active sync, but I know other people on the pac 
mate list use the same version of active sync as I do and they don't have it 

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  Anyone with a Pac Mate notice a change lately when you connect it to a PC?  
In the last couple of days, when I connect the Pac Mate to my PC, in addition 
to the usual series of tones, it now says 'mobile device connected'.  It sounds 
like a recording of a human voice.  The spooky part is that both the Pac Mate 
and my PC say it, but the Pac Mate just slightly behind the PC, so you get this 
spooky echo effect.  When I pull the USB cable out, it says 'mobile device 
disconnected', with the same delay.  It does sound a little spooky.  This just 
started in the last couple days.  It must have been in the last batch of 
Microsoft updates I downloaded.

  Not a complaint, just an observation.

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