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Go  ahead 
and just send me the pages that needs to be scanned that is fine with me
I'd like to turn out good copies  of the books so I'm glad you let me know I am 
glad folks are letting me know this is the way I hoped it would turn out that 
folks could let me know I don't mind redoing a book if I know I need to do so
the reason I thought you could just send me the pages is I  didn't want to mix 
you up sense there is I forget  did I send two copies up there
but if you feel the whole books needs done over I'll just rescan it but it 
would be later this afternoon let me know either way
I'm glad you wrote because some just didn't and I had no idea what happened to 
the books thanks a million.
Let me know which is easier for you and I'll do it.
thanks for believing I can do it

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  Hi GwenThis is kenny I am proof reading a book that you submitted called 
spoke of love by 
  Cathy Marie Hake. Is there a way you can rescan a copy of the book I got part 
of the book cleaned up but it looks like the rest of the book is getting very 
difficult. I really hate to have to reject this book because it sounds like a 
really good book. Plus I know you don't like to get emails about your books 
being rejected. If you want I can send you a email of the pages that needs 
rescanning or You can rescan and put up a clean copy ether way is fine with me. 

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