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Smile.  I wonder what a temkporary wife is about.  Who would want thhat job?
<lol>  Those sound good.  I love novels about rakes.  <lol>

Sue S.

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Evidently the Golden Medallion awards have been renamed to the Regency
awards (RITAs), according to the website
http://www.thenonesuch.com/awards.html  On that website, there are 6 lists
of romance novel awards.  I can't quite figure out what the differences
between all the lists are...  oh well, here they are.  Bookshare has 1 book
of the 50 listed below (Irresistible by Mary Balogh).

List 1: (0/20 on db)
1984 The Clergyman's Daughter
1985 The Lurid Lady Lockport
1986 The Beauty's Daughter
1987 Lord Abberley's Nemesis
1988 Sugar Rose
1989 Brighton Road
1990 The Rake and the Reformer
1991 The Sandalwood Princess
1992 Emily and the Dark Angel
1993 An Unwilling Bride
1994 Deirdre and Don Juan
1995 Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand
1996 Gwen's Christmas Ghost
1997 The Lady's Companion
1998 Love's Reward
1999 His Grace Endures
2000 The Rake's Retreat
2001 A Grand Design
2002 Much Obliged
2003 A Debt to Delia

List 2: (0/13 on db)
1994-95 Roses for Harriet  /  Miss Dornton's Hero  /  The Mad Miss Mathley
/ Devil's Bargain
1995-96 The Devil's Due  / The Rake's Rainbow
1996-97 My Wayward Lady
1998 Best Laid Schemes  / Lord Monteith's Gift
1999 Marigold's Marriages  / The Nobody
2000 Lord Nightingale's Debut  / Lord Stanhope's Proposal

List 3: (0/8 on db)
1994 Deirdre and Don Juan
1995 The Vampire Viscount
1996 River of Fire
1997 The Temporary Wife
1998 The Last Waltz
1999 Cupid's Kiss
2000 More than a Mistress
2001 One Good Turn

List 4: (0/5 on db)
1997 The Black Duke's Prize
1998 Fallen Angel
1999 The Rake's Retreat
2000 Lord Stanhope's Proposal
2001 Tallie's Knight

List 5: (1/6 on db)
1997 A Christmas Bride
1998 Irresistible (on the db!)
1999 Fair Game
2000 Falling for Chloe  / A Grand Design
2001 One Good Turn

List 6: (0/5 on db)
1997 A Passionate Performance
1998 An Inconvenient Wife
1999 Annabella's Diamond
2000 Saved by Scandal
2001 Gallant Waif


Louise <lougou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Speaking of book awards, what about the Golden Medallion award for
  Can Carrie or someone get a list of the books that have won those awards
  we can find out which ones are already on Bookshare and which ones are not
  so they can eventually be added to the collection?

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