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I am sadden but knowing her value of helping me with learning to proof and 
scanning will live on in my heart.

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That's truly sad news.  I've been in and out of this list because of Verizon's 
quirky maintenance issues and didn't hear of her until now.  She was great, 
always helpful, and someone whose messages I always read and proffited from.

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  Dear Lissi,

  Thank you for your beautiful post. I am sitting here with tears rolling down 
my cheeks after reading the lyrics to the song Mayrie left us. How like her to 
knoow we would grieve and to leave something to help us cope!

  Mayrie told me of her illness during the summer, as we were working on 
finishing the Freshman Dorms series together. She told me so that, if I didn’t 
hear from her for awhile, I would know she wasn’t well. She hoped to finish the 
series, but was unable to. We added 4 of them to the collection. She had 
scanning down to an art, and here is a tip she left that might help someone. 
She said she did her best scans at night, because there was no light getting to 
her scanner.

  I have had her on my mind since she retired, and have had her in my thoughts 
and prayers. What a privilege to have known her! She helped me with so many 
proofing problems! 

  Thank you, Lissi, for letting us know that she is no longer in pain. I will 
never forget Mayrie Renae!

  Sue S.

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