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Hey Donna,

Bushwacked is also on bookshare.  I validated it myself.  Of course if
you're going to try to upgrade the quality cool, but thought you ought to


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Hi all.  I have rejoined the volunteer list after a several month absence,
so first, hello to all of you!  

I should be receiving the following books within the next few days and will
scan them as time allows:

"Bushwhacked : Life in George W. Bush's America" by Molly Ivins;

"Thieves in High Places: They've Stolen Our Country--And It's Time to Take
It Back" byJim Hightower;

"Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush" byJim Hightower

I know that Thieves in High Places is already in the collection, but as it
has a fair rating and I want to read it and I'm way too spoiled to read a
fair quality book, I'm going to scan and sub mit it as a replacement.

Peace and Hope,


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