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Well said.

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  At risk of beheading, I agree that reading print materials- books should be 
available to everyone. However that we can read them virtually free is 
questionable. I know we pay a membership fee to BKS but is it very nominal and 
the authors and publishers are loosing money by allowing their books to be made 
available to us. As much as I enjoy being able to read virtually unlimited 
books a year, it doesn't really seem fair completely. I have some friends who 
are on limited incomes and love to read, but they can't afford to read the 
amount of books I read each year. They're limited to seeking out second hand 
book stores or going places that have used book swaps, etc. And because they 
also have disabilities it makes finding books harder for them because of the 
travel involved. So my most magnanimous self says we should have to pay some 
sort of nominal price for downloading books that goes back to the authors and 
publishers like the sale of any book. The more selfish part of myself says lets 
keep things the same. I suppose I can ease my conscience by thinking of bKS as 
a library and I'm checking out books to read.

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    New Petition Seeks to Gain Support of Access to Books for All 
    A new petition has been launched which seeks to gain support of writers and 
others for equal access to printed material. Some groups, including some book 
publishers, oppose this idea claiming it will circumvent their copyrights of 
the books. But others consider the ability to read the same books as everyone 
else a fundamental right. The treaty will be discussed at the World 
Intellectual Property Organization meeting in Geneva next week. Thanks to 
@circulating on Twitter for sending this in. Via Boing Boing
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