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Get a List of All Keyboard Shortcuts in MS-Word 
If the curious computer user has MS Word on his Windows PC or OS X Mac, he can 
pull together a printable list of all the keyboard functions in his word 
processor. This amazing feat can be accomplished with MS Word 97, 2000, 2002, 
or 2003 in Windows, MS Word X or Word 2004 will work on an OS X Mac. 

Here are the quick and dirty clues to MS keyboard secrets. 

  1.. Click the "Tools" menu, then hit "Macros In."
  2.. Pick "ListCommands" in "Macro Name."
  3.. Hit the "Run" button.
  4.. When the "List Command" box appears, choose the "All Word Commands" and 
click OK. 
There it is, the list can be saved under any name and printed whenever the urge 
strikes. Instead of being keyboard secrets, these shortcut keys are yours to 
use, enjoy and share with your friends. The more word gets around about these 
obscure functions, the more they will enter into keyboard life and start 
performing the functions for which they were intended. 

Note: For users with different versions of MS Word, hit F1 to access the help 
file and then type in "keyboard shortcuts" to see the list as well.

Select Text with the Help of a Macro 
we learn of a macro that, when using Word, allows you to mark a spot, navigate 
in the usual way to a destination in your document, then hit a second key, 
automatically selecting the text between those two positions. These macros work 
in any version from Word 2000 to 2007. Directions for installing them on your 
system have been updated to include Word 2007 keystrokes.

You can grab the macros and instructions (in an MS-Word document) at this link: 

Chela Robles
E-Mail: cdrobles693@xxxxxxxxx

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