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Very good point. I did not research them. In some cases an author's earlier 
works may be published by a smaller press that we don't have an agreement with.


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Some Requested Authors from the NfB Congress

Hi Scott,

Aren’t all of these authors found under publishers that are already submitting 
to Bookshare?

If so why would we want to work on them?  

It might be better to just let them be submitted by the publishers and we can 
spend our time on books from publishers who are not currently submitting to 

Just expressing the concern that many have here.


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Some Requested Authors from the NfB Congress


At Bookshare's party during NfB we asked if people had favorite authors they 
wanted to read in Bookshare. Here are the responses I got for anyone who wants 
some scanning ideas:

Terri McMillan
John Grisham
Jerry Savelle
Kimberla Roby
Delores Phillips
Stacey Patton
TD Jakes

Scott Rains
Benetech Fellow

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