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Sounds right to me. And I always put my email at the top of a comments
section, too.

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Hi, William! Welcome to the Bookshare community! Those are great questions!

First, I almost always do a bit of correcting scannos before I submit a book
to Bookshare. I don't necessarily proofread the entire book, but I search for
certain common scannos. Since I use Kurzweil 1000, I also find the ranked
spelling feature helpful. It finds a lot of scannos sometimes. Hopefully, the
steps I take make the proofreader's job a bit easier! <Smile> Anyway, it
sounds like you have a good scan there. Correcting scannos or removing junk
characters is perfectly acceptable... Like I said, proofreaders appreciate it a

Second, proofreading is different from scanning in that it's an extra set of
eyes (or in some cases, ears or Braille-reading fingers) to check for scannos
and junk characters, as well as formatting issues. I do more scanning than
proofreading, although I haven't had much time to do either for a while.

I'll attempt to answer one more question for you. Sometimes a proofreader
will check out the actual book from the library or see if anyone on the list
has a copy. Other times, a person may just read the book with whatever device
he or she uses most and correct as many issues as possible that way. When you
submit your book, you can put your email address in the Comments field if you
want to answer questions for the proofreader.

I'm sure others will chime in here, but I hope this helps a little. All the


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I'm about halfway through scanning my first book to submit to Bookshare.
I've studied such instructions as there are on the website (and even tried to
link to the Sanncer FAQ, but that link seems to be dead.)

Although I understand that the scanner is not to proofread the book, I took
the liberty of proofing the first 40 pages, more to see how well the scanner
and the OCR software were functioning than anything else. It's functioning
pretty well, I guess. I found about a dozen "scannos" (which I also took the
liberty to correct). Most of them were either incorrect letters produced from
two other letters, or problems with the software interpreting the "1" in a page
number as an "I", others were words broken across a line in the book, but not
in the resulting .RTF file (yet still including the dash)..

In the guidelines the scanner is asked to review the .RTF file for "minimal
scannos", which leads to three questions:

1) How is "minimal" defined? Are the scannos I found above "minimal"?

2) Should I correct those scannos before uploading?

3) How is reviewing for scannos different than proofreading? They weren't
obvious things like junk characters. I would not have found them unless I read
the .RTF file.

My other major question is, how do proofers proofread the book without having
the book itself in hand? This particular edition of the book was printed in
1973 (the original copyright was 1934) and is long out of print. Subsequent
editions have been printed since then by other publishers.

William Korn

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