[bksvol-discuss] Re: Solution to the Stripper issues seems rather simple to me...

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Hi Everybody,

I agree with Evan and Sue. We have beaten this topic to death. Proven solutions exist to protect chapter headings and story titles and have been described in detail more than once. Can we give it a rest now? Please?


At 07:03 PM 5/22/2008, you wrote:
Your solution is unnecessary. A method for protecting chapter and story title headings has been posted here multiple times, that solution being putting a page number with blank lines around it, above the chapter or story title. This solution has been tested by myself and others, most recently Bob, and has been shown to yield the desired results.

The only thing I do think the staff needs to do is put this info into the next update to the Volunteer Manual.

It is true that this is not the only solution. Others, most recently Allison, have tested the method of putting asterisks above the titles. But the page number method is the most elegant one, in my opinion, because whatever the stripper does with it does not matter, since if it is not stripped, all you get is a page number above your story or chapter title, and not some extraneous text.

Still, there is more than one way to achieve the goal of protecting the headings,, and they have been more than thoroughly discussed by now. (I admit to being in full agreement with Sue S by this point in that I think the topic is well past it's expiration date.)


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Hello Everyone,

We have all been going around and around about this converter / stripper tool and its behaviors for a very long time now. I feel the ultimate solution to our concerns is actually quite simple and does not have to involve making any changes in any code at this time. All that is needed is a detailed description from the engineer(s) who created and maintain this tool as to exactly what steps it takes while processing a book. Such an understanding could then be codified into a set of instructions that would serve to enhance the existing and updated Volunteer Manual so that we know exactly what we can and cannot do when validating books.

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